Friday, July 31, 2009

Chris Cassidy, Navy SEAL Astronaut

CM Teammates – NEWS FLASH – former SEAL Teammate, Chris Cassidy, landed today after being the 500th person in space (and one of only a couple of SEAL astronauts)! I first met Chris at SEAL Delivery Vehicle (SDV)Team TWO in Virginia Beach. I had just completed my first deployment as an SDV Platoon Commander and Chris was just arriving from BUD/S (SEAL basic training). A quiet, young professional who never boasted of the fact he was honor-man for his SEAL class – a rare accomplishment for an officer. Chris assumed command of my swim-buddy’s platoon – Stew Smith – as the Dry Deck Shelter Officer of Task Unit ALPHA.

My most vivid memory of Chris, besides his quiet professionalism, was his response when I asked him what his SEAL Team goals were – his response, after a little coaxing, almost as if he was embarrassed to state them out loud, was he wanted to be an astronaut. Not just any astronaut, he wanted to be a SEAL astronaut.

CONGRATULATIONS CHRIS – MIKE CHARLIE – your mission is complete! Today is a great day for Chris and another reminder that you are only limited by your dreams and your courage to pursue them!



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Joe G. said...

We need to ship this sailor a new set of Perfect Pushups immediately so he can be the first documented user outside of Earth's gravitational ... wait a minute ... never mind.