Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Meet Chris Horner, professional road cyclist

Guest blogger: Chris Horner, Perfect Athlete Ambassador

Hi, my name is Chris Horner, and I am a professional road cyclist, racing for the Astana Cycling Team in 2009. I’ve been using the Perfect products since the end of 2008, and have achieved the best fitness of my career at 37 years of age. I grew up in San Diego, California, and started riding at the age of 13. I’ve now been a professional cyclist for the past fourteen years, racing all over the world, including three Tour de France races.

Currently, I am preparing for this year’s Tour de France, training with 7-time Tour de France champion, and my Astana teammate, Lance Armstrong. I am in the process of recovering from multiple broken bones that I have sustained in crashes throughout the season.

The Perfect Pushup has become my tool of choice for strengthening my upper body for better performance on the bike. It targets the muscles that are integral for racing, but not exercised on the bike. Because of the multiple injuries that I have sustained this year, the extra core conditioning that I have achieved while using the Perfect products has allowed me to recover more quickly and stay physically balanced on the bike while coming back from injury.

By incorporating the Perfect products into my stretching and core strength exercises, I have been able to gain an extra edge on the bike, using my upper body strength to support my legs at key moments and give myself a little extra boost when I need it most. The extra muscle has given me more strength, and helped to burn more fat, making me leaner than I have ever been in my career.

If you want to train like a professional cyclist, check out my Exercise Routine (which I do each morning after breakfast):

Situps: 25 reps, coming all the way up to the knees
Perfect Pushups: 15 reps, close position
1 minute of leg lifts: Do 10 reps of one position then switch (toes face out, toes forward, heels out), continue for 1 minute. Keep legs straight and together for all leg lifts.
Front plank: Hold for 1min 45sec
Situps: 25 reps
Perfect Pushups: 15 reps, wide position
1 minute of leg lifts: same as above
Left Side plank: Hold for 1min 45sec
Perfect Pushups: 15 reps, with handles placed halfway between shoulders and stomach in a regular width position
Right Side plank: Hold for 1min 45sec
Situps: 25 reps

Chris Horner, Spring 2009

Update: Chris is not racing this summer in France. He'll be competing 26JUL09 in the Chicago Criterium, the same day his Astana teammates ride into Paris on the last day of the Tour de France. Stay tuned.

* Photo credits: CC used with attribute crediting Graham Fisk.

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