Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Turning Attitude Into Action!

To all those Perfect Swim Buddies out there – you know who you are (those that help others stay motivated or provide suggestions) – you guys define what a swim buddy – covering each other’s six.
We spend a lot time at Team Perfect designing, testing, building, and rebuilding product to make it as Perfect as possible for you, but at the end of the day, the product is only as good as what you do with it. Put it under the bed and you’ll get the failure you’re looking for – but create a simple system for using the products and you’ll be rewarded for your efforts in more ways than you can honestly imagine.

The key is helping folks stay motivated – after all, it’s all about attitude – the one thing you can control – and you swim buddies are helping turn attitude into action, and my teammates, there’s nothing more important than that!

BRAVO ZULU and CHARLIE MIKE to all you current and future swim buddies out there!


NEWS FLASH: Teammates, check out the review of the V2 on Crunchgear!

Cartoon used with permission of Dreamstime.

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Joe G. said...

Backatcha with that Bravo Zulu, Commander! I can report that after two weeks of using the new V2, IT IS WORTH TWICE THE PRICE, honest to God. Unbelievable quality. I'm pushing 'em out like never before.

I did TWO separate Operation Sierra Oscar workouts yesterday. It's summer time, Teammates - time for TWO-A-DAYS! Your friends may think you're crazy working out in the sun. I say let 'em stay chubby if they choose to.

Are y'all EXTREMELY fired up about that new product rumored to be coming out in the fall?

Where do I place my pre-order?