Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Are you thirsty? H20 advice from Mojo Frog

CM SEAL Team blogger: Marcus Colburn

Let's think about this...your body is mostly water. Water covers 2/3rds of this planet. If you're getting thirsty, you're already dehydrated.

Stay clear of all other types of drinks and drink lots of pure H2O! Regular plastic bottles get old and can cause foreign bad juju to harm you whereas bottles made out of more permanent materials (like steel) can be washed and won't leak bad juju into your blood stream!

We used to have a saying in BUD/S (because water is so heavy). Whenever someone tried to lighten their load by carrying less water, we just said when they complained, after they were warned to bring more water, "Are you thirsty? DUDE, IF YOU DIDN'T BRING IT, YOU MUST NOT NEED IT."

Summer is here and it gets wayyyyyyyyyyyy hot. So keep up with your fluids. Stay strong and ready!

Mojo Frog

Picture used with permission of Dreamstime.

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Jim said...

Yeah, I agree on that 110%. Many people mistakenly believe that if they drink juice, coffee, beer, etc. then their needs in water are fully satisfied! THAT'S WRONG!

Water is water and it's vital for well-being!

One can also add some lemon juice (from squeezed lemons) in a glass of icy cold water so as to get some extra vitamins.