Monday, July 20, 2009

Jim's Extreme Fitness Workout

Teammates, last week I asked, "what's your definition of Extreme Fitness and how do you get out of YOUR comfort zone?" Here's what Jim had to say. "I totally agree Alden. Although it may be really uncomfortable pushing oneself for that extra rep or mile it really gives you a nice feeling of accomplishment (at least it does to me) in the end.

My personal fitness goal is staying SEAL fit. I'm into running, at least 10km at a 7 min/mile pace, calisthenics, and swimming or spear fishing.

I've done 4 cycles of Stew Smith's "Grinder PT" e-book, (it's really intense), and I still keep searching the internet for innovative ways to spice up my workouts.

Getting beyond one's comfort zone is hard and usually should be done with at least one person standing by in case something goes wrong, but so far I think I've done pretty well on my own.

Recently I came across some very interesting workout videos on YouTube which I'm sure will push most people beyond their limits. The channel is called "xtremeoutdoorfitness". My regards to Mike Brower and his buddies for the awesome workout challenges they've posted so far.



Spear fishing photo taken at the Great Barrier Reef, Australia.


Joe G. said...

10k at a 7-minute pace? You trying to be Tim Grizzell?

I'm going to start calling myself a JOGGER. That's actually a good old joke. Question: What's the best way to insult a runner? Answer: Tell him/her you saw them JOGGING yesterday.

Joe G. said...

MOMENTS AGO: 3 miles in 21:55 (pretty fast for me).

Thanks for the inspiration!

Jim said...

Woa! Now that's a suprise, I was away for a couple of days (much needed rest from work) and just saw it. What can I say but a GREAT THANK YOU to ALL team Perfect and of course Alden.

Trust me Joe, the running pace of 7min/mile is achievable and yes, if you put enough effort you can go lower than this. It takes determination and of course exercise but if one puts his/her mind to it there is no reason why he/she cannot do it in the end.

The funny thing is that when I was young I really hated exercise, I wasn't fat but couldn't run 100 meters without brething hard in the end.

Lately I tend to believe that the main obstacle we need to surpass is the limitations that we pose to ourselves.

Have a nice evening everybody~

Unknown said...

My goal is to run a mile in 2 weeks.