Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Counting flutter kicks with the Perfect Counter

CM Teammate Andrej developed a new use for the Perfect Counter! He uses it to count out his flutter kicks.

"Flutter kicks count. I put the counter beneath my left heel and I touch it with every rep. I then divide the number by two to get the correct four count number. The Perfect Pushup counter is just awesome.

When it comes to Perfect Pushups, I am currently at 78 in 2 minutes while my twin brother (above) is an amazing 89!!! In two minutes, and we still have room for improvement. What makes the counter so valuable to me is that I know every number counts and I don’t accidentally “cheat” myself.

About PPU chart levels. I see those numbers as a guideline, a way to praise yourself once you reach it and then evolve to another goal. And I am sure many users see it as a motivational tool and their motivation might drop once they don't have a score to catch. I would put 80+ as a next level and the last one (it’s a must!) should be a number that Navy SEALs get. Now that would be a real motivational tool and what a great feeling once you get to that number (I am guessing it's around 100-120)."

Thanks for weighing in Andrej!


Graphic courtesy of Andrej

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CLBA said...

Aloha broyoz!

Impressive workout...however, I think I will stick to my Perfect Ab Straps instead!!!

Mahalo much, and thanks for the Perfect's GREAT!
God bless!!!