Monday, July 27, 2009

15 Pullups/40 Pushups contest: how to be a winner

CM SEAL Team blogger: Stew Smith

Milo P asked CHARLIE MIKE: "I would like to ask you if you could advise me on the following challenge: 15 pullups and 40 pushups, three times through in 6 minutes. Could you, please, advise me on a training routine to accomplish this in 3 months?"

And here's Stew Smith's answer: Sounds like you are on a 2 minute interval. So I would tackle this one by doing:

- 15 pullups / drop down immediately for 40 pushups - this will take 1 minute tops
- Take about 30-45 seconds to rest / stretch and begin set #2.
- Repeat with 1 minute rest on last one if needed.

But basically you have to be able to do multiple sets of 15-20 reps of pullups - make your workouts that. The two exercises (pullup/pushups) are opposing muscles groups so they should not tire you out from one exercise to the next.

Once you get good at this timed test with rest, decrease your rest time until you can roll through this workout with no rest at all. It can be done - just takes practice three days a week.

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