Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Where in the World is PERFECT? China!

Guest blogger: Mark Friedman, President, Perfect Fitness

Greetings from China! I am writing from Xiamen Island on the east coast of China during a visit to the factory that makes many of our Perfect Fitness products. This picture was taken in front of one of the many tall buildings under construction in the area. If I had to guess, I’d say there are over 50 high rises going up at the same time in this city. The sign behind me says “Xiamen” and it surrounds the construction site. Xiamen is in the Fujian province, the homeland of the many of the Chinese people who immigrated around the world. It’s also the area of China closest to Taiwan, the large island shown on the map below.

Xiamen is a very refined and prosperous city that reminds me of Santa Monica, CA with its many restaurants, galleries, public artworks, and high rise condominiums. It’s also an important center for commerce and trade.

Behind me is a large sculpture of running horses placed on the bluffs above the local tidal flats. The tide rises and falls a huge amount, about 15 feet each day, leaving fishing boats about ¼ mile away from the water at low tide.


Teammates, do you have a picture of PERFECT in a foreign locale? Send it, and your story, to getfit@perfectpushup.com -- we are particularly looking for pictures from Africa, Australia and New Zealand!.

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