Friday, June 26, 2009

TGIF: Aloha from Hawaii

Guest blogger: Chad Los Banos

Thanks to Mr. Mills's products, I *think* I can "hang" with 20 year olds, even though I am twice their age! LOL! In fact, I got a few other guards and even a couple of Sgts at the facility I work at to purchase the products of Mr. Mills. They have become definite believers after doing only a few sets themselves!

I took the attached pic the other day after doing only a FEW sets on the Perfect Pushups back to back with the Perfect Pullups. I gotta thank my beautiful wife Janet for buying me the Perfect Pullup, Perfect Pushup (Love you my wife!) and special thanks to two brothers in Slovenia for sending me the Perfect Pushup Counter! That Counter is not a'll kick your butt IF you do the Pushups properly!

Have a great God given day and again, thank you for your time!
God bless,
Chad Los Banos
Corrections Officer III
Designer of Spyderco Knives model C110

Teammates, what a picture! HOOYAH!! If you have a picture, a story, send 'em our way:



Joe G. said...

My arms look exactly like his. Amazing coincidence!

Alden Mills said...

Aloha from the Mainland!

I'd like to buy one of your knives -- what's your recommendation? Please let me know:


CLBA said...

Aloha Joe G.,

Whoa...not sure if you are "insulting yourself", but post some pics sir!
God bless!

CLBA said...

Aloha Mr. Mills,

An honor sent, and thanks for creating durable and FUNCTIONAL products!
God bless and stay safe.