Tuesday, June 2, 2009

MMA Fighters: Modern Day Gladiators

CM SEAL Team blogger: Marcus Colburn

They entered the ring to the sound of rap, rock, old-school hip-hop, reggae, and even country-and-western, but the one thing every fighter at Saturday’s UFC (mixed martial arts fighting) event had in common was a powerful athletic physique built from metabolic resistance training. These modern-day warriors know better than to do bodybuilding, because those workouts just take too long and leave you puffed up, slow, and inflexible. That’s not how modern man should be – or look.

Instead, metabolic resistance training is the answer to the needs of these gladiators. Circuit style lifting, bodyweight exercises, a Navy SEAL type no-quit attitude, and total body movements made these men into the toughest athletes in professional sports today. But here’s the thing… I think hardcore weight exercises are a waste of his time and probably don’t add anything to a vicious knockout power. Instead, I bet he gets more out of bodyweight circuit strength and endurance training. When I work with martial artists – and almost any other type of athlete – we stick to the basic weightlifting exercises and spend more time on bodyweight exercises.

Here’s the "perfect" metabolic resistance training bodyweight circuit that will not only improve your physical strength and endurance for any sport, but it will also give you a killer beach body that will make you stand out in the crowd this summer.

If you want to get lean, build that V-shaped upper body, and essentially have the most bad-assed cover model body with the athletic skills to back it up, you can’t get better than this program.

- Go through this "PERFECT" circuit 3-4 times.

- Rest 1-2 minutes at the end of each circuit.

- Rest as little as possible between exercises within the circuit.

1) Prisoner Squat – 20 reps

2) "PERFECT" Close-grip Pushup – 15 reps

3) 1-Leg Squat – 8 reps per side

4) "Perfect" Pullup – 1 rep short of failure

5) Bulgarian Split Squat – 20 reps per side

6) Spiderman "PERFECT" Pushup – 12 reps per side

7) Bodyweight Row – 15 reps

As you get better and stronger, you can add resistance by wearing a weighted vest.

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Joe G. said...

If this doesn't get you fired up, WE CAN'T HELP YOU. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!

Joe G. said...

Marcus, I need a weighted vest. Where do you get them?

Your Biggest Fan,

Joe G.

Unknown said...

Ok Mr. Colburn sir, did you think I would not add my 2 cents? How about this:


Excellent piece.

toughness could be trained into somebody but most can't handle it. I believe that you are born with true toughness.

Tough times don't last, tough people do.

I do have my "double secrete probation" Training I do along with the Dojo I train at.

What would I add? Nothing except 50 foot mad sprints, Rope work, "Fetal position" hold with The Perfect Pullups. I am a big fan of heavy cardio. If you got the lungs, you have better then half the battle won.

One other side benefit to all the training is to know that most think they can fight, if you train, you can protect yourself and loved ones.

I met Forest Griffin last night. He and alot of the MMA fighters have one thing in common: They are very peaceful, They have confidence and the grace not to rub it in your face. I talked with him on a show I am part of and even then a gentleman. When you know what you can do, you do not have to show off. 90 % of MMA fighters are great examples.

The human body is the best self defense weapon ever created. Perfect Pushup makes it easy for you to be ready for life.