Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Get Your Head As Invigorated As Your Body!

CM SEAL Team blogger: Mike Ryan

Charlie Mike Fans! By now you have probably been exposed to Marty Heilman and some of the incredible exercises he's developed for Perfect Products. But the images only scratch the surface of Marty's expertise. And I believe his dedication and commitment to pushing the boundaries of fitness merit a more formal introduction.

Marty is a rare breed. I can count on one hand the number of times I left a training session with my head as invigorated as my body. That's Marty's secret to success - and why his classes and seminars are standing room only. Marty's workouts are kind of like getting kicked in the nuts during a Tony Robbins seminar. Though pushed to the point of puking, you somehow feel the need to thank him. Marty keeps you motivated, and the workouts keep your body in a state of constant adaptation to new stressors - just like all workouts should. He's a functional fitness freak. And if you attend one of Marty's classes I guarantee you'll be sore in places you never knew existed.

Just try some of the exercises he'll be posting and you'll get the point.

My favorite part of Marty's workouts is at the end. He circles up the class and screams into his headset, "Turn around and take a look at everyone else in this gym! I guarantee nobody in here today worked harder than you just did! Nobody else just burned 1500 calories in their workout!" It really pisses off the 'big and round' crew. I can tell because they are wringing their soft, weight glove covered mitts.

So enjoy his posts and give the exercises a shot. You'll be better for it.

Mike Ryan


Jim said...

Hey there! We want one of those 1,500 calorie burner workouts! How can we get one?

coach marty said...

Its starts with a dynamic 15 minute warm-up. One based on movement. NO STATIC STRETCHING! Decreases strength. An effective warm-up should prepare the mind, body and soul for the intensity that lies ahead. Light jogging, skipping, lateral shuffles, frankenstien walks, monster walks are just a few of the hundreds of movements to prepare yourself for the "PERFECT WORK-OUT"

For the next 45 minutes you will train body movements, not body parts. The body pushes, pulls, squats and lunges. This is a WHOLE body workout, the way the body was built.

PPU lower for a 4 count, explode up
PPU spider
PPU dive bomber
PPU t-rotation
PPU hands wide\ hands narrow

PPU down unders
PPU jumping pulls
PPU wide\narrow pulls
PPU windshield wipers
PPU leg raisers with pull
PPU L-shape pulls


free squats...fast
alt. front\back lunges...fast
balancing squats(bosu\wobble brd)
around the clock squats
squat jumps
jumping lunges
spider squats

push...pull..squat or lunge and jump rope for 30 sec. Choose one from each group Then DO IT AGAIN! Increase jump rope time by 15 sec. each circut. Form is everything. Don't think numbers. Think intensity to achieve results.