Monday, June 29, 2009

Mixed Martial Arts 101 from Max

Guest blogger: Max (with MMA fighter Forest Griffin on his left)

I get a lot of questions on exactly how does somebody get involved in Mixed Martial Arts ( aka MMA). It all starts with you. The sport is all about you and how much dedication, pain and training you can stand almost everyday.

Basics: NO! Brazilian J J is not a basic. It is a tool and a good one. Boxing, Grappling and Kickboxing are basics. How many fights start on somebody's back? They don't but they will lead there at some point. Once you are on the ground, you need grappling ( Or BJJ) training. Learning Boxing, Grappling and Kickboxing is tough enough but you must spend quality time training in them to the point you could do well in a show in each discipline. This takes time and unless you are gifted, nothing comes overnight.

OK Max, you just talked about Boxing, Grappling and Kickboxing, when and what Martial Arts come into play? I would suggest you start off in a Kempo martial Arts school. Why Kempo? Kempo is every Martial art wrapped into one, so you will train in every Art, and add"tools" to put in your "Toolbox". FYI: Kempo was the original Mixed Martial Art. Kempo sparing is hard and close enough to being in a MMA event without stepping into a cage or ring. ( If you need help finding a school in your area, just shoot me a email.)

Next is "fit shape" and "fight shape". Fit shape is your everyday training shape, and fight shape is your shape at the day of your event that you want to train to be in. Fit shape is part of the basics. Fit shape is different for everybody. I train alot of cardio, up to 3 days a week ontop of my regular Kempo training and ontop of training other Basics. (See Basics above).

How does one get into "Fit shape" for MMA? First things first, see your doctor and get their permission to train. This step is important because they know you better then anybody, and can give you much needed help when ( and you will) crack ribs or bones, or that old high school football injury comes back to say hello. I am lucky enough to train with Doctors.

Basic "Fit Shape" workout that I use.( You will need a Leather jump rope, The Perfect Pushups and The Perfect Pullups, a blow up Exercise ball and a 10 x 10 area, and a place to sprint about 25 feet, a stopwatch and a "egg or cooking timer") Your goal is to gas yourself out and time it. Make sure you are properly hydrated and have water or a sports drink of some sort very close by.

Warm up: 15 mins. of Rope work ( You can break it up into 3 -5 min.s rounds with 30 second rest in between.) After warm up, place The perfect Pushups at the end of the 25 foot run area.(Close to the 10 x 10 area that you just skip rope in). Caution: You will be in constant motion during this workout!

After the warm up,
Run to The Perfect Pushup and do 15 slow reps.
Run to The Perfect Pullups, grab the bar and "Crunch" your knees to your Chest and hold this position for 30 seconds.
Run back to the rope and skip hard for 30 seconds.
Next to the "Exercise ball" and do sit ups slowly for 30 seconds.
Run to the 10 x 10 area and do 25 squat thrusts.
Go right into Jumping Squats.
Sprint to The Perfect Pushups and bang out 15 fast reps.
Run back to The Perfect Pullups and do 15 pull ups.
Run Back to the Rope and skip very hard for 1 min.

The above was 1 overall rep. Your goal is to keep this up and see how many "Reps" you can do. Your cardio will go thru the roof and be happy for that because most fights win because of cardio. Start with 2 times a week and work up to slowly 3 times a week on top of your regular training.

Let's face it, it is not easy. if it was, everybody would be doing it. If you have any questions, shoot me an email at



Joe G. said...

You know, Max, I thought MMA was crazy before I met you and a few other bloggers on Charlie Mike.

Then I found out that in these fights there is a CULTURE of RESPECT for one's OPPONENT, which is pretty unusual in the world of sports in general, but especially in the world of hand-to-hand BRAWLING.

A person's first reaction watching this on TV is SOMEBODY IS GOING TO GET KILLED!! CALL THE COPS!!)

Thanks for teaching us about this exciting sport, even if the training is E-X-T-R-E-M-E !

Unknown said...

Joe sir:


MMA is truely a unique sport, and not for everybody. The training alone ( For MMA and if you help train MMA fighters) is tough. Just last night I took a nice elbow to my head and a Roundhouse to my ribs.Not to forget the rolling and takedowns I endured! Am I mad at them? NEVER! because yes they hit me BUT it did not come at all from a mean place. Yes I have a strange noticable lump on my head and some new black and blues. I work with the public and just some of the commits I do get from Grossly overweight people ( Who I might say would overload the Perfect Pushups by 100 pounds!) Are uneducated. I would have a better chance of me getting them off their addition of food them me trying to explain why I chose to keep my body healthy.

The true sport of it is based on Respect. I respect all who train in it. This has a side effect. When you get use to sizing up a new training partner, you get a built in conferdance that some knucklehead in the streets who think they are "Fighter" ( They are ALWAYS when around their friends and NEVER when you are making the introduction of their teeth to their stominic!) What to do or how to handle them, or to just laugh and walk away.

MMA is Primal in nature. Remember "fight or Flight" responce ? Either you fight to the end or run like hell-o out of there, well MMA can be as close to that as safely as possible.
MMA could be in ALL of our DNA. Can somebody train to learn how to "turn on" and "Turn off" the "Switch of "Fight or Flight"? Yes, it's called Control. There are times when you can not "Control" yourself. (AKA when you start messing with my loved ones. I will make it perfectually clear, NOBODY LIKES ME THEN,NOT EVEN MY FAMILY!)

I want to go back to training. it has become high end sciencetific and alot easier Thanks to the Perfect Pushup line. Good example of this is that Perfect Pushup is the only company that I know of who's line is incorporated into MMA ground work training. We train this area by using The Perfect Pull up's drop bar and The Perfect Pushups. (Hook your feet on the drop bar and go into The Perfect Pushup position. You name ANY Company out there who's equipment is Tailored to MMA Ground work like this! . There is none, Perfect Pushup Pioneered this. ( Thanks Cmder!) Let me make this perfectly clear: If the Perfect Pushup line was not heavy duty equipment, I would have broke them along time ago.

MMA is not everybody's game but most can learn from it.