Tuesday, June 2, 2009

V2: The Perfect Milestone!

Teammates – we’ve reached a milestone at Team Perfect – with more than three years of lessons learned and volumes of after action reports on our first product (Perfect Pushup Original), we are about to conduct our first launch of a second generation product: Perfect Pushup V2. The V2 (aka Version TWO of the Original Perfect Pushup) will officially launch June 2009.

After more than 4 million sold, we’ve learned a few things on how to further per-fect the product. Here a few things we’ve learned:

1. Better grip stability – shouldn’t rotate on the handle after heavy use.

2. More comfort – make the grip grippier and more padded to ease carpal tunnel challenges for some – we stole a line from assault weapon design and hard core mountain biking while we tested and evaluated more than 100 different grips.

3. More ball bearings – for better rotation under heavy load.

4. More stability – both laterally and directionally to provide better rotation and muscle alignment during advanced movement patterns.

5. More structure strength – for those working with a weight vest to take their workouts to the extreme – the V2 can handle it and then some.

6. Better non-slip platform – a better base pad with grooves to increase surface area and adapt to dirt and uneven surfaces to ensure positive ground base connection.

7. More selection – Colors!

After three years of design work, we hope you find this next generation Pushup as Perfect as we do. Either way, we want to hear from you on what you think – the only way we can strive for Perfection is with your feedback.

Meanwhile, keep dropping down and pulling up - Enjoy your journey of strength and Stay Fired UP!

P.S. For the launch of the V2 we’ve recruited the big guns in fitness to write up some new workouts – SEAL swim buddy and Academy classmate, Stew Smith will be hammering out new routines with the V2 in mind – HOOYAH!