Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Embrace the Debate: SEAL Summer Reading II

CM SEAL Team blogger: Alan "Sav" Saviano

Teammates, I was asked to submit two influential books for reading to this blog and I’ll have to admit it’s been some time since I’ve read very many books; however, two books came to mind immediately because their content is so relevant to what is going on in our country today. Now, before I suggest these readings let me just say that I am a conservative yet I am also open minded and transparent, and I do not agree with every position of the Republican party. Actually, I embrace the fact that in America we can debate and strongly disagree with one another over the state of our affairs now and into the future without resorting to civil war or suppression by our government.

Many of the men on this blog have had the opportunity to travel to other countries, and embrace and fight for beautiful humans that haven’t been so fortunate, to say the least. I, like many of my fellow Teammates, truly wish every American had the opportunity to see and feel what we have in these faraway places because if you did you would not believe everything you hear on any of the thirty second sound bites on the various Nightly World News Reports at 6:30 EST. If you like the facts and are open to other’s opinions you will enjoy at least one of these books-at least I’m honest :).

Liberty and Tyranny: Mark Levine- An interesting dialogue into what principles our country was founded on and why. It’s really that simple so you be the judge…

A Random Walk Down Wallstreet: Burton Malkiel- Probably my favorite book which I have read numerous times. If you think some of what has happened on Wallstreet is a first, keep reading! This book is so interesting because Mr. Malkiel gives you concrete, factual events that show that everything will be ok in regards to stocks and specifically the stock market. Most investors think the last 25 years was ordinary concerning the explosive rise of the stock market; however, he will explain in detail how most Americans haven’t a clue about what they should expect from the market and more importantly, why. As a matter of fact, if you invest with someone and they haven’t read this book I would run for the door!


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