Monday, October 19, 2009

Fire in the Gut: Tim Grizzell Update

CHARLIE MIKE Teammates - I just wanted to provide all of you with an October update on the status of Fire in the Gut – Innovative Performance Shirts for Athletes with a Warrior Attitude ( We were supposed to go live last month in September. As I mentioned previously, not everything always executes as planned. We have had some unforeseen productions issues that caused a slight delay.

The formal launch of the company will be in the next few weeks. A newsletter for all of you is forthcoming – you can sign up at my website. I recently activated a Twitter Account ( where you can track live updates on the launch.

Also, here is a sneak peek of the men’s crew neck short sleeve shirt. I am fired up and I look forward to sharing the new products with you soon.

Tim Grizzell

P.S. Alden--Congratulations on CHARLIE MIKE reaching the 2-year mark--you are truly helping others unlock their potential! Fired up for you brother! Tim


Tim Grizzell said...

Brotha Jim:

Thank you for spreading the word and sending an update to all of our CHARLIE MIKE teammates! Hoo Yah!

Fired Up!

Brotha Al

Joe G. said...

Greatest Running Shirts Ever. Wear them and WIN ... or risk the dreaded DNF!

Jim said...

Looking forward to trying out the new gear! I hope shipments to Greece will be available in the shop!

I'll be placing your ad in my facebook account for all my buddies to see.