Monday, October 26, 2009

UK Alert: Perfect Dip Bar

CM UK Teammates -- great news: you can now order the Perfect Dip Bar, the Perfect Pushup V2, in addition to Deluxe Ab Straps and the Perfect Pulllup. Choose the Perfect Bundle of products for you and you'll save big and get ripped.

Here's what I had to say last April when we launched the Perfect Dip Bar stateside. Drum roll please or perhaps a 21 gun salute (Okay – that’s a bit much) – but after months of prototyping (and many, many broken prototypes) it’s time to let you know about our latest product launch: the PERFECT DIP BAR. Why is it Perfect? Good question: first, it mounts onto your existing Perfect Pullup without tools (however, we do suggest you swap out your bottom bracket of your Perfect Pullup with the included Perfect Dip Bar bracket). It attaches/removes within 7 seconds (yes – we’ve timed it) – but the best part is: it’s the first adjustable bar that adjusts to your Perfect shoulder/elbow width to ensure you get the maximum tricep engagement while maintaining PERFECT shoulder – elbow – wrist alignment.

We’re Fired Up about it and we’re looking forward to hearing from you about it – first ten comments (success stories – positive – negative – whatever) posted to me on CHARLIE MIKE get a free t-shirt! UK Teammates, that means you! The first ten UK Teammates who post on CHARLIE MIKE about the new Perfect Dip Bar will get a Perfect Fitness t-shirt.


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gingerkarl said...

hey charlie, dip bar is great, good workout,as is all the perfect workout gear,best workouts ive had in a long time.all my rugby team mates are interested in buying your gear as they have seen a difference in my shape since i started using perfect fitness gear.i cant stop talking and telling people how good these workouts there should be lots of the lads using them soon