Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tom Rancich on Female Fitness

Teammates, have you seen the November 2009 SHAPE magazine cover? The cover girl is The Office's Jenna Fischer, wearing a bikini and a big confident smile! According to Ms. Fischer, "I ditched the trainer and got THIS body on my own." Here at Perfect Fitness we're fired up that the Perfect Pushup is part of her workout. Every two or three days, Jenna does Macho Jacks, Pendulum Rows and finishes off with Triceps Pushups, from the knees, using Perfect Pushup handles. The November SHAPE magazine is on newstands now.

Now according to Tom Rancich, my SEAL Team swim buddy, all it takes is six weeks to get into bikini shape. Yeah sure you're thinking, but Tom knows why it takes the average 35 year-old woman so long to put on that bikini. Keep in mind that Tom Rancich has spent the last six months at the beach, leading a group of Navy veterans who were tasked to remove potentially lethal practice munitions dropped decades ago at former target ranges along South Beach in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts.

The secret: confidence. Says Tom, "I have spent the entire summer at the beach and you have no idea how many 30-somethings I talked to who were wearing ass blankets or frumpy one pieces with skirts no less! They would have been fine in bikinis...except they lost their confidence." You all know the famous SEAL motto, "the body obeys the brain." It's not enough to work the body -- you have to unlock your body's potential so that you can get more out of life -- and that starts inside your head. Check out my Right to Bare Arms workout and start making changes from the inside out.



Joe G. said...

This is an indisputable fact: Confidence is related to posture, and vice versa. The Perfect Pushup will improve your posture if you use it as recommended w/ the product packaging. It practically cures your lower-back pain, too. Let's see: More confidence, better health, you look better, feel better, etc. How can anybody NOT want to buy these products?

Marie said...

Tom - I am a navy veteran myself. Although my very own personal SEAL trainer would be the ideal situation and in my case confidence is not the issue - I need a motivator. Any suggestions?

Alden Mills said...

Marie--well if confidence is not the issue then just put on the bikini---and if that thought makes you think--errr---maybe not--than think of who it is you want to be oogling you and then use them as your motivator...

Tom Rancich